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Shelter Rock is a peaceful, informative and adventure destination for family, friends, nature lovers, tourists, day visitors, corporates and schools.

Our proximity to the city provides you with an easy escape to the tranquility and adventure on the ancient Magaliesberg.

The farm Shelter Rock covers the southern slopes of the Magaliesberg and stretches 400 meters beyond the escarpment on the top of the Mountain.

You park your car at Shelter Rock Base Camp from where you can hike to the top of the Magaliesberg.

All the adventure activities takes place on our property.

We are a small owner run establishment and can only accommodate a limited number of guests on a given day.

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All photographs on this website were taken at Shelter Rock.

You can contact us to check for availability of the activity which you are interested in by clicking on the enquire  button at the top of this page and completing the enquiry form or by calling Corry at 071 473 6298

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About Shelter Rock

The Shelter Rock is visible for many kilometers on the southern slopes of the Magaliesberg between the villages of Hekpoort and Skeerpoort.

This rock provided shelter for the local Po people during the  invasion of the area by the Zulu warlord Mzilikazi in 1820. During this time it was customary to to live near the Magalies river.

The local people relocated to relative safety on the mountain side at the rock where they established a small village.

During the Anglo Boer war of 1898 to 1903 the women of the area took shelter at the rock from the English military.