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Origin of the name Shelter Rock

The name Shelter Rock is the name given to a massive boulder which was dislodged from the Magaliesberg cliff face about 10 000 years ago. It can be seen from many kilometers away.

Local people took shelter at The Shelter Rock from the enemy during the Great War of 1898-1903 and during the invasion of the Zulu, Mozillikazi, of the area in 1820. 

How we balance access to nature with sustainability and conservation.

Our mission is to provide access to the natural beauty of the Magaliesberg while at the same time preserving the natural habitat of the Magaliesberg.

To achieve this:
We limit the number of guests making use of our activities and events.
We do not allow any motorized transport north of Shelter Rock Base Camp.
We have a no noise policy on the Mountain
Smoking is banned due to the fire hazard.

Important advice

Due to the summer heat:
We recommend that activities should begin as early as possible.
Keep hydrated by drinking enough water.
Apply sunscreen.
It can be chilly on the mountain and extra clothing is advised.
Bring your camera to capture the spectacular views.
Wear closed shoes without slippery soles. 

How we Engage People

At Shelter Rock we seamlessly integrate adventure, development, wellness,   and nature into our activities and workshops to offer a holistic and enriching experience to all participants.

All our workshops and activities are tailored to inspire, challenge, and energise.

Choose below to join us in shaping a brighter future.
Girl climbing the Via Ferrata
Children in lecture room
Stone cairn on highest peak of mountain
The stone cairn at the center of the Labyrinth

Where is Shelter Rock?

  • Phone: +27 71 473 6298
  • WhatsApp:  +27 71 473 6298
  • Email: info@shelterrock.co.za
  • Address: Skeerpoort South Africa

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