At Shelter Rock we not only provide exciting adventures on the Magaliesberg. We also provide the opportunity for special interest groups, family groups and organizations to arrange their own functions.

All images on this website were recorded on Shelter Rock.

Origin of the name Shelter Rock

 The name Shelter Rock is the name given to a massive boulder which was dislodged from the Magaliesberg cliff face about 10 000 years ago. It can be seen from many kilometers away.

Local people took shelter at the Shelter Rock from the enemy during the Great War of 1898-1903 and during Mozillikazi, of the Zulu's,  invasion of the area in 1820.

Reasons why you should visit Shelter Rock

At Shelter Rock you can escape to the Magaliesberg where you can experience the healing power of nature while taking part in our activities or enjoy your function.

The views from tthe summit of the Magaliesberg is spectacular and you can relax and meditate at the spire garden on top of the mountain or anywhere in a secluded spot along the hiking trail.

Shelter Rock is within easy reach of Johannesburg, Sandton, Pretoria and Rustenburg.

It is a small owner run establishment and can easily adapt activities and events to the requirements of customers.
You park your vehicle at base camp from where all events and activities can be reached on foot.
There are unique features on the farm not found elsewhere on the Magaliesberg.  

How we balance access to nature with preservation

Our mission is to provide  access to the natural beauty of the Magaliesberg while at the same time preserving the natural habitat of the Magaliesberg.

To achieve this:

  • We limit the number of  guests making use of our activities and events.
  • We do not allow any motorised transport north of Shelter Rock Base Camp.
  • We do not allow music at Base Camp                                                                                  and we also have a no noise policy on the Mountain
  • Smoking is banned due to a fire hazard.
  • Littering is banned.


Useful Information for your visit

During the summer months it becomes quite hot and we recommend that activities should begin as early as possible.

Guests must also make sure that they keep themselves hydrated by drinking enough water and applying enough sunscreen.

During the fall, winter and spring months it can become chilly on top of the mountain and extra clothing is advised. 

Do not forget to bring your camera to capture the spectacular views.

Always wear closed shoes without slippery soles to prevent injury.

We have a Tuck Shop with limited supplies



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